5 Reasons to Automate your Home

Switch on lights when you arrive home, send out security alerts if motion is detected and more. If you’re deciding whether to automate your home, we’ve listed 5 of the main reasons our clients choose to implement home automation into their residence

1. Automate Lights to Save Energy

We all have moments where we’ve found lights switched on during the day or we simply forget to switch lights off when not in use. Having a home automation solution in place allows your lights to switch on at a particular time or if motion is detected in a room. You don’t need to change all your wall plates to begin automating your lights. A great place to start is with our LED Z-Wave connected light bulbs.




2. Home Security

You don’t need expensive devices to create a powerful and flexible security system. Detect when doors and windows are opened, send a notification or trigger an alarm. Our door and window sensors are small in size and are available in a range of colours to help blend into the frame of the door or window. No more big bulky sensors on the ceiling!

3. Control your home remotely

Need to make sure the garage door is closed or your back door is locked whilst you’re away? Checking the status and controlling the Fibaro Home Centre is easy with the mobile app available for both Apple and Android devices.

The Fibaro mobile app allows detailed control of your devices including the colour of certain bulbs, blind/shade height and more

4. Create Powerful Scenes and Events

Turn all the lights off, close the blinds and adjust the temperature when it’s time for bed? Create ‘scenes’ that you can activate manually or at particular times of the day with the Fibaro Home Centre. Many of our clients create a range of scenes such as;

  • Away – Turn the air conditioner off, power down lights and other appliances
  • Dinner – Dim the living room lights and adjust the room temperature
  • Sleep – Turn off all lights and ensure the doors are locked

5. Automate your Heating or Cooling

Switch a fan on or begin heating your home as you drive home. You can trigger various devices based on your location or at a set time each day.