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See what a smart home can do

Automate lights, reduce your impact on the environment and transform your home into a true smart home that you can control from your smart phone or tablet


What’s Z-Wave?

Z-Wave is the most popular open standard for home automation systems and we’re a strong partner of the Z-Wave Alliance

Choose from a range of modules across different brands and price points. Thanks to the open standard of Z-Wave, they all connect and work seamlessly together

No need to hard-wire complex solutions. Start small and easily expand your existing solution with additional modules

get started in 5 Easy steps

  1. Grab the Fibaro home centre which will be your smart home hub
  2. Connect lighting modules and sensors to your home centre hub
  3. Program some scenes and events using the easy drag and drop interface
  4. Download the Fibaro app for your iPhone or Android device if you like
  5. Add more modules and sensors as you go!

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